It's surprisingly difficult to find a good surf shot of handsome Ron on the net, so here's one of brother Deadly. Stretched with love.

‘Ain’t That Swell’ Enlists Famous Blakey to Boost Ratings

I haven’t seen Jed or Vaughan for a while, but I get the impression that something’s afoot.

By that, I mean that Jed’s picked up a shovel and Vaughan’s vacated the SW ed’s chair. Could it be that they’re banking on their semi-regular surfing podcast, Ain’t That Swell, to propel their careers into the next dimension? It’d explain the welcome inclusion of Blakey the younger, Ronnie, as the boys obviously wanted a few pointers from a man who’s managed to turn talking about surfing into a respectable profession.

The usual hilarity ensues: Jed berating the gluttonous white man, VD telling stories about shitting on the floor, Danny Johnson waiting until he actually has something¬†worthwhile to say before speaking (a revolutionary approach on this podcast), but all quiver in the shadow of the two unrefutable highlights of the EP. Undisputedly first: Jed’s “Wavepool Song”, ingeniously set to Rocco Granata’s “That’s Amore” (“when the goon hits the dial and there’s tubes rank and file, that’s Lemoree…”). Second: all involved trying to get Ronnie to drop his squeaky, Wozzle-endorsed facade, and reveal his inner-degenerate.

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