RIP Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine, the publication founded by Andy Warhol in 1969, has officially closed down.

The print and online magazine has announced it will be closing down all operations after 50 years of getting up close and personal with some of the biggest names of the day. The informal, yet intimate format of Interview, along with the concept of putting names such as Thom Yorke in the interviewer’s chair, saw it become hugely successful at its peak. (“I don’t have any chronology to my questions. My approach is a bit more random, a bit more Just Seventeen [an out-of-print British teen magazine]. I actually want to start with the year you taught in a monastery in Darjeeling when you were 19,” Yorke asks Benedict Cumberbatch in a 2017 issue.)

However rent disputes, alleged sexual misconduct, multiple relaunches and lawsuits from a former employee seem to have been the final nail in the coffin for the publication, bought by billionaire Peter Brant shortly after Warhol’s death.

It’s well worth having a dig through Interview‘s archives to reminisce on the some of their most fascinating conversations, such as David Bowie in a 1990 edition who spoke about everything from the state of pop music, his relationship with his father, and style inspiration:

“Syd Barrett [of Pink Floyd] was the first person in rock I had seen with makeup on. He wore black nail polish and lots of mascara and black eye shadow, and he was so mysterious. It was this androgynous thing I found absolutely fascinating. Of course, we found out later the guy had mental problems. But there was something so otherworldly about him. He was hovering, like, six inches above the ground.”

RIP Interview Magazine, you will be sorely missed.

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