Wrangler: Real People, Soft Jeans

Denim brands don’t come much more iconic than Wrangler.

Did you know that textile makers have been around since 1904, and they were originally called the Hudson Overall Company? Huh. Wrangler Jeans were first made by a dude called Bernard Lichtenstein, a Polish tailor who worked with cowboys to make pants fit for the rodeo, thus the name. What does all this mean? Well, when it comes to making denim that fits and lasts, it’s safe to say that they’ve got it pretty sorted.

For their latest campaign, Free to Discover, Wrangler have ditched the models. Well, the professional ones anyway, and that’s not something that we’re upset about in the slightest. Instead, they’re focusing on real people and real experiences. The first of which, features Kelly Ash and Rob Moore—shot by photographer Ryan Brabazon in the Californian desert—soon to be followed by Aussie band The Jim Mitchells’ tour diary in WA, and a little piece on the talented embroiderer Leah Hoff and the bespoke work she created for Wrangler.

As an added bonus, Wrangler have managed to combat the scourge of denim, and the whole range is extra soft thanks to a top secret speciality softener. They’re softer on the touch than regular jeans, and also have a deeper colour. Can’t ask for much more than that when shielding your limbs from the winter wind.

Get set for winter, right here.

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