‘Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989’

Sub Pop has just released a new book documenting Nirvana’s tour with Tad and Mudhoney in the beginning of American music’s resurgence in Europe back in the  late ’80s.

Nirvana was barely known and Cobain was signing his first autographs. Sub Pop’s cofounder, Bruce Pavitt, who took the famous label from zine to a series of cassettes, to music columns, and radio broadcasts, uses journal entries and candid photos to delve into the crucial week in ’89 that he and his business partner Jon Poneman spent with the bands. By the end of those eight days, Nirvana had gone from almost breaking up to cementing itself as an American sensation and as a British paper stated: “Sub Pop’s answer to The Beatles.”

There are a limited number of books available – all signed by Pavitt. Get them now at $29 (US) before they’re gone. Buy here.

Here are some shitty-quality videos from Lamefest …

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