Introducing, 1700 Naud

We’ve joined forces with the lovely folk at Pabst Blue Ribbon to bring you, 1700 Naud.

What is 1700 Naud, you ask? Well, aside from being a street address in Downtown LA, it’s also our new gallery and event space. Here’s a rundown of all the things you can do at our schmick new space: come along to  exhibitions, showcases and workshops in our gallery space, make use of temporary workspaces for those creatively inclined, or just grab some noodles from the literal tastemakers Majordōmo nearby, and come stare at us through the office windows while we pretend to work.

We’ve got to keep our lips tighter than a parking space in Bondi on a long weekend for the moment, but we can tell you that we’ve got some very, very nice things planned for our gallery walls in the near future. We could drone on and on about the marvels of MC and Pabst’s new space, but we think you’ll find the proof’s in the pudding below. Stay tuned, drop by, say hi.

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