New Orleans With No Expectations

Words and photos by Cameron Strand

When I got asked to go to New Orleans to hang out with a bunch of other photographers and people I had never met, I came really close to saying no.

I prefer to work alone most of the time and forced interaction is mortifying. Thankfully, I went. What I thought was going to be a weird, photo nerd, “I’m more artsy than you” contest was actually far from it (I like to make things worse in my head before I do them, in case you hadn’t noticed). During my stay in NOLA, I got to meet a bunch of very talented and smart individuals that helped to reassure that my preconceived idea was completely wrong. We walked the eclectic streets, ate great food, saw the sights, and had blurry nights all with our cameras in hand. Here’s what I found in New Orleans.

Although the people-watching is insane in NOLA, I thought this minimal man worked well with the surroundings.

When the drapes match the… chairs.

The horse and buggy drivers seemed to be the most annoyed people in all of New Orleans. Good thing the bag lady kept it on the sidewalk.

A groundskeeper looks on as family and friends say their final goodbyes.


I was relieved to find this scene after trudging around the French Quarter for an hour trying to make photos that didn’t include people in them.

This green wall was my favourite that I found in the French Quarter. Quiet, still, and organized.

“Darling, promise me you’ll never shoot jpeg.”

10 o’clock boys.

I hate photos of people holding cellphones, but the colour palette was too good to pass up.

Partied out or actually dead… get you a city that can do both.

Beauty shots by Akasha Rabut who was our guide during the entire Vision Walk.

Head here to find out about Vans Vision Walks coming to Sydney and Melbourne on Saturday May 26th.

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