Adidas Releases New Batch of Time Keepers

Unless you’re going to sell your car and/or take out a loan for something Swiss, adidas is a solid option for a timepiece.

The new release from the three stripes is full of watches that are casual enough to wear every day, but are still enough of a focal point to rock if you’re out painting the town. Also, and it’s been said plenty of times before, but a flash of the wrist to find out the time puts the protagonist at least two evolutionary steps beyond anyone who’s got to fumble around in their pockets and pull out their gross, cracked phone and hope that it’s got enough juice to flash up the time.

This batch is the second timepiece release from adidas originals this season, and the focus this time around is on utilitarian pieces that are rugged enough to take the daily knocks, without compromising on aesthetic. There’s plenty of colours and styles to choose from, so if you’re after a clean time teller that you don’t have to refinance for, then look no further.

Dive in for some fresh wrist bling here.

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