“I Wasted my 20s Shooting Film”

Ah, Maclay.

One of the most genuine men you’ll meet, and a talented photographer to boot. The last time I bumped into Maclay was at The Landsdowne Hotel in Chippendale. After greeting me with his patented toothy grin (and knowing my partiality for university cigarettes) he pulled out a spaceship-looking vape out of his jacket filled with what looked like olive oil, which he’d recently brought (see: smuggled) back from America. He assured me that partaking inside a licensed premises was kosher, and within moments I was so stoned that I had to go home. What’s this got to do with his exhibition next Monday? Well apart from demonstrating the host’s generosity of spirit, his Instagram informs me that he’s recently returned from Coachella, and you know what’s rife there…

In all seriousness though, Maclay’s as avid a music fan as you’ll come across, and has dedicated the last portion of his life to documenting his passion. He’s got that knack of being in the right spot (likely because he’s fun to have around) to capture those intimate, behind closed doors moments that bring the touring muso to life. Rage Against The Machine, Iggy, Tame Impala, Childish Gambino—MH’s shot all of them, and that’s just scratching the surface. Next Monday at MC HQ, Maclay’s taking over the gallery with over 40 of his original photos. They’re all shot on 35mm, 120, or polaroid film, and come in one-off custom sized prints and frames. Levi’s, Jameson, and Young Henry’s are all onboard, so stop by for a tin and a print.

“I Wasted My 20s Shooting Film” 6pm – 10pm, Monday, April 30th at 6 Australia St, Camperdown.

Iggy Pop
Kirin J Callinan
Nick Cave
Gang of Youths

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