These New South Whales’ Mockumentary Series Returns

Like cream rising to the top, Sydney punk band These New South Whales have crashed their way out of Youtube stardom and into the big leagues—Comedy Central.

After the global, interplanetary success of season one, The Life We Chose, the guys were hot property in the Sydney music scene. So hot, we were tempted to wrangle a little time with them at the nail salon, where they remained mum on their impending eight-part season signing with Comedy Central Australia.

But with the signing now official, we have been clued into some small tidbits of what audiences can expect from an entire season dedicated to the rise (and potentially fall) of four cocky underdogs from Newcastle. There’s shoulder rubbing with the likes of Roger O’Donnell from The Cure (“Comedy genius! They paid me to say that.”), Jimmy Barnes yelling about things, a Daniel Johns sit-down, and more than a few antics on a luxury bus guided by a portly, Elvis impersonating tour manager. Will it all go up in flames? Watch the trailer up top and decide for yourselves.

Season two of THESE NEW SOUTH WHALES will be available exclusively on Comedy Central ANZ and from Wednesday, May 9.

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