Pass~port Team Up With Iconic Aussie Cartoonist, Leunig

Here’s a collab we never would’ve cooked up in our wildest dreams—Pass~port and Australia’s most loved comic, the legendary Michael Leunig.

Leunig’s 40-year career has seen him create cartoons that straddle a line between profound and ridiculous, searing in its political commentary with just the right amount of crudely drawn bums and dicks to lighten the mood. The man’s a bloody national living treasure for godssakes. The 72-year-old’s wit knows no bounds, not unlike the Pass~port guys themselves, whose inner sanctum pub chat we sat on the sidelines for in the most recent issue of Monster Children (which you can get right here).

Legend has it that Callum Paul from Pass~port would see Mr Leunig walking the streets of Melbourne from time to time, and worked up the courage to pitch him the partnership. It’s taken a couple of years, but Pass~port now have their hands on three decks—Butterfly Piss, Bum Telescope and Bum Boobs—for your purchasing convenience. Get it before you regret it.

Available in skateboard stores worldwide and online at

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