Views like this shouldn't be taken for granted. Photo by Stu Gibson.

Watch Environmental Epic ‘Never Town’

Big companies are usually the ones causing environmental disasters rather than trying to resolve them, but Patagonia isn’t most big companies.

Never Town is a 40-minute epic surfing and environmental film that the brand have produced in order to draw attention to some of the impending travesties that are threatening Australia’s coastlines. Driven by surfing icon and longtime environmental ambassador Wayne Lynch, the film’s just as entertaining as it is educational. Focussing on Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, and King Island, the film is essential viewing for anyone that surfs or gives two shits about the state of the natural world. It’s truly a case of come for the surfing—which is absolutely incredible, especially from one David Rastovich—and stay for the message, which is essential and delivered with a thump. It’s available to watch now over on Patagonia’s site.

Rasta’s not one for shying away from storms, environmental or otherwise. Photo by SA Rips.

Surfing is deeply rooted in activism and environmentalism, but we’ve gotten lazy and drifted away from our counter-culture roots. With companies like BP attempting to drill for oil with a complete disregard for the safety of the environment, claiming that a potential oil spill would be a “welcome boost to local economies”, it’s high time that we all woke up and realised that we only get one go at this, and apathy will result in the destruction of our most precious resources.

Watch Never Town now, before it’s too late.

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