Locals Only, Death to invaders, by Craig Stecyk, 1974.

Beyond the Streets is a Must-See Art Exhibition

Beyond The Streets is a collection of the pinnacle of street art, curated by Roger Gastman.

If you don’t know him by name, chances are you’ve seen his iconic 2016 documentary (and accompanying book for the die-hards) Wall Writers, which charts the history and evolution of graffiti from the 1960s to the early 70s. Gastman’s a street culture connoisseur, and has written 12 books on the subject, as well as co-authoring The History of American Grafitti, co-producing Exit Through the Gift Shop, and countless other projects. The self-titled historian, urban anthropologist and collector has been described by Forbes as having made a career out of being, “the cultural connector between street artists and the art world.” Beyond the Streets is his follow up to the record-breaking Art in the Streets, an exhibition that broke MoCA records with 220,000 browsers through the gates. The latest instalment features work from Shepard Fairey, Jason Revok, Retina, HAZE, SEEN, Barry McGee, and so many more.

HAZE, Icon Flag, 2017.

Adidas Skateboarding have partnered with BTS to create something special of their own, which will run alongside the exhibition. Working closely with Gastman, the brand will be recreating the mythical Venice Beach graffiti and skate spot The Venice Pavillion, complete with authentic decoration care of some of Venice’s finest graffiti writers. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a limited edition collab with Shepard Fairey revealed, as well as a capsule collection made in conjunction with BTS and featuring the work of some of the scenes’ most acclaimed artists. And, as a nice touch, all proceeds from said capsule will be going to STOKED, a non-profit that aims to support disengaged youth through mentorship and action sports. There’s a whole heap more running alongside the exhibition, and it all kicks off in LA on May 6th.

SEEN painting hand of Doom, 1980.

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