4 Reasons Why You Should Get to This Victorian Festival

Free next weekend and have the means to get to Gippsland, Victoria?

Good, because festival The Hills Are Alive is returning March 23 – 25 for its 10th year with a stellar lineup (Alice Ivy, Thandi Phoenix, Remi, Boo Seeka, and more) and all the extracurricular activities you’ll need to stay entertained for 72 hours in the Australian countryside. Here’s four compelling reasons why you should get your hands on tickets ASAP, before they’re gone for good.

These New South Whales

There’s more to these four cocky underdogs from Newcastle than a bit of nipple tape and well-buffed fingernails. If yoga’s your idea of a snooze fest and you want a little bit more juice in your veins, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better wake up then this thrashing, unbridled punk outfit with more energy than a chihuahua on speed.


Two bad things: paying for drinks, waiting for drinks. Music festivals are notorious for wasting your time and money when it comes to alcohol consumption (can someone open a Royal Commission into why a nip of spirits mixed with aerated water costs $12?), but The Hills Are Alive lets you pack your esky with your liver’s greatest desires and enjoy them in peace. And that, our dear music lovers, is something worth celebrating.

Shits and Giggles

To be honest, we’re not that well versed in what’s hot and what’s not in the comedy world right now. But as the Comedy Channel used to get beamed into our collective living rooms about a decade-odd ago, we like to think we know a thing or so about the funnies. There’s nothing more arrogant and satisfying then sitting back on your arse and challenging a human before you to go ahead and try make you laugh, and we reckon a few such people on the comedy lineup at The Hills Are Alive might just succeed (looking at you Bob Franklin).


Located on a farming property 95 minutes South-East of Melbourne, the festival is as its title suggests—on a hill. Three days of fresh country air, good tunes, and all with a backdrop of some of the finest Australian sunsets you’ll ever see. Sounds ok.

Tickets are on sale now, get your hands on them here.

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