Heavy Time Release ‘My Mum Went to EMB’

The year was 1992, and San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza, aka Embarcadero, was the epicentre of skateboarding.

When 15-year-old Max Olijnyk found out that one of the stops on his mum Sarah’s overseas holiday included SF, he begged her to visit the skate mecca on his behalf and come back with evidence. She bravely headed to the skate park one morning, taking some photos on Max’s point and shoot and eventually approaching two young skaters that looked like her son.

“As she walked towards them, one of the skaters spat at her. I get it, you sort of have to have your back up when you’re street skating—I’ve often misinterpreted friendliness from members of the general public for aggression, ” writes Max in his new book My Mum Went To EMB, published by Heavy Time. The resulting photos from his mum’s camera adult Max now counts as some of his most treasured, albeit weathered, possessions—but what happened? You’ll just have to buy the book to find out.

Available online now at Heavy Time and Freddo.

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