Photographer Dave Hill Finds Love in Desolation

Words and photos by Dave Hill

I’ve always been a romantic, from movies to novels; I think I’m in love with love.

I’ve always been drawn to exploring towns off the beaten path, and more specifically, dry desert towns in southern California. From a young age, my dad drove me to the most obscure rural towns in the deserts of Eastern San Diego county and just like him, I fell in love with dry wastelands.

Palmdale, CA, is the nearest town in the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles. I have been there on numerous commercial shoots, but never felt like I’ve captured the town the right way. I found Michael and Nikki by doing a casting notice. They quickly responded and seemed like the perfect fit. We spent the day driving and walking around the outskirts of Palmdale, finishing the day at a local sheep farm.

Combining romantic love and desolate areas just really gets me going. This series is probably my most honest work to date.

Nikki Ochoa and Michael Almaguer, shot on Kodak Gold 200 35mm film.

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