Every Day is Like Sunday with Mitch Robertom

You know that guy at the skatepark who looks as though he’s stepped off an island-hopping ocean cruise for the session?

Mitch Robertom’s one of those guys, and if you haven’t had the good fortune to meet him just yet, I’ll proudly introduce you to your new favourite skater.

Everything Mitch does oozes an effortlessness that’s hard not to envy, from his trick to wardrobe selection and everything in between. If something doesn’t look good, chances are you won’t see Mitch anywhere near it. Best of all, his passion for fun hasn’t wavered since day dot. It may come as a surprise that after years of being sponsored, some skaters’ priorities shift from the good times to grabbing whatever slice they can of the impossibly small ‘Australian skate industry’ pie.

Frontside Noseblunt

That’s not the case for Mitch. If he wants to spend his time filming, you can bet he’s stacking beautiful footage. If he gets a call from Sakazi (lifelong friend and Zoo York model) to say they’re sharing a box of beers at Rose Hill Skatepark, then check your Instagram because there’s a spicy edit coming. It makes sense that both his dog and bearing sponsor are named Sunday, as that’s how Mitch seems to approach every day of the week. Like it’s Sunday. I caught up with Mitch

Frontside Blunt

Reasons to get out of bed?

Skate, feed and hang with my dog, get some breaky with my girlfriend.

Ways to start your day/weekend?

Listen to records, watch skate videos, get out early and skate.

Ex sponsors?

LE, Vans, Rip Curl.

Things about having a spiral staircase in your house?

I never go upstairs, hate going up stairs, it’s funny watching my dog run down them.

Aussie brews?

Furphys, VB, Carlton.


Instagram accounts to follow?

@Drunkpeopledoingthings, @_______gay________, @golf_gods

International brews?

Jimbucha, Grandaddy and Booze Bros, Coors.

Warm up tricks?

Kickflips, 5050, Tranny.

Tricks on the bucket list?

Switch Tré, Switch backside flip, 5.0 on circle rails

Lifestyle hammers on the bucket list?

See more of the world, sweet mini ramp at my house, buy a sweet house.

Best looking skaters in a party shirt?

Trapasso, Duncombe, Kirby was wearing some crazy stuff last time I saw him.

Best tricks Sakazi has done?

The tré, the laser, random ledge tricks he’s really good at.

Backside Bigspin

Best things about dating a flight attendant?

Cheap flights, travel around Australia heaps, first class.

Travel destinations you’ve been to?

USA, China, Bali.

Dream travel destinations?

Spain, England, Germany

Trends in skating you’re ready to see die?

Fake rich, jerseys, not actually skating.

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