Get Thrills’ New Drop while it’s Hot

We’re all for people pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion.

By all means Gucci, have your models walking down a runway with incredibly lifelike decapitated heads. Go ahead, people who think that pairing joggers that look like they belong to your grade 9 science teacher with tracksuit pants cements them at the forefront of style (we blame you heavily Kanye).

But sometimes, you just want to see brands making the kinds of threads you’ll actually wear, gimmicks and trends aside. Byron Bay-based Thrills make such clothes, which is why they’ve got us coming back with every fresh drop. Their latest range LOST UNFOUND has all the hallmarks of a quality Thrills drop—expertly cut denim, vintage-inspired staples and raw hems. Plus, when they’re using coat hangers like the fair lad and lass below, it’s hard not to see why Thrills pieces are selling like hot cakes.

Give your wardrobe a little lovin’ today, shop the range online at

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