The Year of Mick was a Hell of a Time

Mick Fanning’s undergone somewhat of a transformation over the past few years, and photographer Corey Wilson’s been there to capture it all.

Long regarded (and occasionally criticised) as a mechanical contest machine, the sheer speed and ferocity of what Mick can do on a surfboard were gradually taken for granted by surf fans. However, after a shitty year which included getting attacked by a shark, getting divorced, and the loss of his second brother, Mick decided to put the tour on hold and live it up for a year. Let’s just say that “living it up” when you’re a 3x world champ with nothing to prove, and a seemingly unlimited budget, looks like the epitome of fun. Corey Wilson, friend and travel companion, was the common denominator of the various parts of Mick’s year of fun, and he’s compiled the best images from their time together into a coffee table book.

GC freight train.

Corey and Mick have been travel mates for years, and whilst this book features images from the various trips, the majority are recent. Ireland, Norway, Alaska, and more are all the product of the 2016 sabbatical, aka, the year of Mick. Whilst the summer of George (where George Costanza takes three months off after being fired by the New York Yankees and spends his paid time off biting into whole blocks of cheese and not answering the phone) looks pleasant enough for those of us currently employed full time, I think it’s safe to say that the year of Mick looks infinitely better.


We look at a lot of photographs in here, and one thing that’s clear is that an uncomfortable subject makes for a sub-par photograph. Flicking through Corey’s book, the moments that he’s able to capture, and the ease of the subject in frame, is all about access. And that’s what makes the book fun. It’s like a flash through look at your own surf travel, except the locations are more off the beaten track, the waves are a lot better, and (evidently) the surf shots world class. If nothing else, the book’ll make you look at Mick Fanning in a slightly different light, and you’ll be itching to board a plane to somewhere remote in the not too distant future.

The Emerald Isle’s second most famous avalanche.
Surf check, 3x world champ, unlimited budget style.

Get your mitts on the book here.

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