Putting the New Vans Chima Pro 2 to the Test

Photos by Cameron Markin

There’s only one way to see if a skate shoe does what it says on the packaging—you gotta skate in it.

And that’s exactly what went down over the weekend, with a bunch of Vans team members including Jesse Noonan, Chris Vaughan, Bibby Bradbury and more, plus the shoe’s namesake himself, Chima Ferguson. Now we might not have the abundance of skate spots in humble Australia that some of the other skate meccas possess, but we know how to work with what we’ve got, and the newish Sydenham skate park was one such place to conduct a highly enjoyable wear test.

Every part of Sydenham skate park was utilised as the boys put the Vans Chima Pro 2 through its paces, it passed with flying colours. If you’re after a lightweight and durable shoe that’ll hold up through whatever hell you’re planning to put them through, said footwear might just be for you.

Get your hands on the Vans Chima Pro 2 right here.

Ultimate Sydney skateboard organiser and Totem CEO Nigel Cameron
They’re perfect
Santa Cruz’ newest pro and Chima’s Vans teammate Jesse Noonan lacing up
Sam Giles (Hurricane). He’s tough on the skateboard and his shoes
How many Chimas does it take to wear test a shoe?
Noah Papadopoulos front blunt under the flight path
Noah Papadopoulos getting low on a smith
Chris Vaughan, Frontside Feeble. Fresh pool tiles and even fresher shoes
Michael Davo Davidson – Tailgrab one foot, a work of art.
Chima cruising through a 5-0
Bibby Bradbury fresh off the plane Blunt Kickflip fakie… no sleep necessary.
Bibby Bradbury – 180 reverse nosegrind.
Sam Fairweather – Bali grinding on demand.
Reece Warren – Slappy backside Smith… long way from Pambula.
Chima – front shuv.

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