10 Days of Skate in the Northern State

A carload of friends chasing nothing but a good time in the form of perfect weather and even better skate spots.

Injuries aside (they were plentiful and substantial) it was a week under the Queensland sun we’ll never forget. Chris Vaughan, Jack Patterson and videographer Kale Neville flew in to the Gold Coast to meet Ryder Lawson and myself (we’d just finished a top secret Olympic skateboarding committee meet). Right out the gates we were faced with amateur mistake of double booking seats in the car with Ryder inviting videographer Jack Diaz, but luckily good Samaritan and part-time resident of wherever the fuck he parks his van, Josh Kotlega, was down for the cause, sticking around a whole week longer than originally planned to help accommodate our larger crew.

You know it’s going to be a memorable trip when the first night the boys get in, they return with stories of having to break out of a local skatepark. Turns out the friendly neighbourhood groundskeeper warned them he was going to lock the carpark gates, assuming they’d all head to the car. Ol’ mate stayed true to his word, not even giving the boys five minutes to bail before leaving with the gate locked behind him.

Recalling the 10 days we spent in QLD, I realised that everything around the skateboarding is much more vivid than the skateboarding itself. Ryder broke a toe second or third day in. Chris was close on his heels losing a substantial chunk of his knee a few days later. Somewhere in that mix Jack Diaz’s luggage was ‘accidentally left’ in our transit from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, and he became more of a man than we ever could have imagined for it.

Chris – Boardslide transfer straight onto the closest freeway entrance and outta here.
Brisbane cops are no joke.
J-Pat FS Smith while waiting for Chris to get out of hospital.
Kale used to live on this hill, we happened to be driving by and Jack tamed it no worries.
Ryder – FS Blunting the crust at his new favourite piece of Queensland concrete.
Ryder – Rock n roll – DIY is king up north.
Ryder – Back smithing over the channel, first spot, first go.
Josh Kotterz pole jamming late night in Surfers Paradise

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