Finding a Home for the Best Songs of The Week

Know what doesn’t get made anymore? The iPod Shuffle.

The device was officially discontinued last year, along with the iPod Nano. Know what keeps getting made, though? Songs. See the predicament here? A bunch of homeless tracks, out in the cold, just looking for someone to lend an ear. This the best I could do for them.

Tal National – Akokas

This song is the musical equivalent of buying a round-the-world-ticket and attending a different cultural celebration at each destination. Pack your bag for an African wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, an Orthodox funeral and a Quinceañera. Your uncle, who doubles as a DMT enthusiast, will meet you at the airport. Godspeed.

Jonathan Wilson – Loving You

Some people were just born to do what they do. Take Daniel Day-Lewis, for example. The man was born to act. There’s something truly special about getting to witness a person master the craft they were put on this earth to produce, and that’s how I feel about Jonathan Wilson. This the second single from his new record, Rare Birds, out March 2.

Z Berg – I Fall For The Same Face Every Time

Elizabeth ‘Z’ Berg was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her angelic vocals have backed an inordinate number of your favourite records, and she’s been making music for years with bands The Like, JJAMZ and Phases. Now she’s out on her own, and it’s where she belongs. This beautiful vid was shot and directed by Dominic Haydn Rawle, and features ex-Panic at the Disco! member Ryan Ross channelling Laura Palmer.

Dungen & Woods – Turn Around

Never trust a person who dislikes the beach, wears a beanie in summer, or hates psychedelic music. This is the word of god, according to the gospel of me. Anyway, you’re getting the best of two worlds with this collab—Stockholm’s Dungen and New York’s Woods have teamed up to make a record, and here’s the first single. The rest of record, titled Myths 003, drops March 16. Amen.

Wye Oak – The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs

Hey, look! I finally found a song that perfectly describes what happens every time I try to make new friends as an adult. Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner together make Wye Oak, a band from Maryland who make a whole lot of noise for just two people. This here is the title track of their new album, out April 6.

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