Mase Ho’s Annual Psychiatric Assesment

Mason Ho’s inherited Ozzie Wright’s strange desire to dry dock himself on any rock protruding in the vicinity of a breaking wave, and taken it to the next dimension.

It’s hard to discern whether this bizarre form of surfing comes from boredom with surfing in its traditional form, or from something a little more unhinged. In either case, it’s compelling viewing. ‘Eel Boy’ is Mase’s wrap of his fringe exploits from the 17/18 season on the North Shore, and at the same time, a visual spruik for his new sig boardshorts. “The new Rip Curl MIRAGE Mason Rockies board shorts make it fun and easy to smear yourself up rocks and into oily barrels,” says Mase. Even when shamelessly ticking sponsor KPI boxes and pushing knee-length abominations, it’s difficult not to like the kid.

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