DZ Deathrays Share Their Bloody Lovely Bar Bangers

Mates of MC and talented lads to boot, DZ Deathrays, have dropped their new album today.

11-track Bloody Lovely stays true to its title, and we’d highly recommend you go and hit play on that bad boy in jus t a moment. Before doing that however, we’ve got another collection of songs courtesy of the DZ boys, inspired by all those late night dive bar bangers that provide a soundtrack to some of the more questionable nights of your life.

We asked the guys to give us a quick rundown on the reasons behind each of the 20 songs careful selected for this bloody lovely playlist, of which you can locate on our Apple Music curator’s page here. Strap yourselves in, this is going to be one hell of an hour and 14 minutes.

DZ Deathrays – Bloody Lovely Bar Bangers

AC/DC – “Highway To Hell”

The ultimate tune for smashing tins to at a bar.

War – “Low Rider”

A very fitting song for happy hour margarita sessions.

The Animals – “House Of The Rising Sun”

Perfect for tequila sunrise times.

Talking Heads – “Psycho Killer”

It’s always a good time when this comes on the stereo no matter what time.

Arctic Monkeys – “Do I Wanna Know”

This song was meant to be played in dingy bars.

Super Grass – “Pumping On Your Stereo”

Such a feel-good song, doesn’t really matter how long bar service takes while this is playing.

Led Zeppelin – “Ramble On”

A classic dive bar barfly.

Tom Waits – “Going Out West”

One of the meanest songs out there to slug hot whiskey shots to and hope you don’t puke at the bar straight after.

Neil Young – “Heart of Gold:

For that sentimental lonely guy at the end of the bar reminiscing about his shit life at 3am.

David Bowie – “Jean Genie”

If I could walk into a bar to any song this would probably be it.

Jimmy Barnes – “Working Class Man”

While it’s more of pub anthem it goes down well anywhere really.

Thin Lizzy – “Boys are back in Town”

For when the boys are back in town…

White Snake – “Here I Go Again”

For the late night boozy sing along with some random person you’re now best friends with cause they shouted you a beer.

Rolling Stones – “Street Fighting Man”

“Hell yeah! Rolling Stones: street fighting man! G7…”

Rupert Holmes – “Escape (the piña colada song)”

For you when you accidentally press G8, not G7 on the jukebox.

The Clash – “Should I Stay or Should I Go”

A very relevant question for any dive bar regular.

Australian Crawl – “The Boys Light Up”

Just such a rad song that deserves to get played more than it does.

Kenny Loggins – “Danger Zone” 

For when you’re that bit too hammered and you’ve put money on backing yourself at the pool table but you know you’re probably going to lose.

Bass Drum of Death – “Nerve Jamming”

Nothing puts me in the mood for slamming all the cheap shitty beers in the world quite like Bass Drum of Death does.

FIDLAR – “Cheap Beer”

Self-explanatory really.

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