Good Vests, Horeseshit Waves

Anyone that lives on the east coast of Australia can attest that it’s been one of the most horseshit summers—as far as waves are concerned—in living memory.

As a testament to the summer bummer, our friends at Adelio have released a clip highlighting said dribble. If you’re feeling insecure about your summer surfing performance then fear not, looks like even Chippa’s had a hard time getting much done in the drivel on offer. On a positive note, the water’s bath warm, and trunks and a vest is all you’re going to need for a good few weeks yet. Adelio happens to make rather good vests. I know because I’ve got one. And, the best thing about them? Mini-zipper at the back. Thank Moses someone came up with an alternative to the hellishly uncomfortable front zip.

This look familiar? A 1ft mushburger, rippled to within an inch of its life by the chronic Nor ‘easter?

If you’re after some no-bullshit rubber then head here.

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