What do you get when a bunch of skater punks make noise together under the guidance of a wolf tripping on acid? The Shrine.

These dudes released their second wall of sound Primitive Blast last year, and are set to embark on a killer Australian tour before releasing their follow up early 2014. They’ve teamed up with Vol. 4 for a t-shirt and 7″ collab, and made the video above to celebrate it. If that little taste wasn’t enough Shrine for you, here’s a full meal. They’re going collab crazy, with HUF also announcing their new Shrine sock collaboration this week:



Who was the first person you ever built a shrine to?

Probably my dead cat when he got run over by a car when I was like 10.

Do you guys feel an affinity with the wolf?

The wolf feels an affinity with us. It came onto us, we couldn’t get ride of it. Our friend and master of the universe Kris Kirk says to me one day, you know what The Shrine needs, a wolf screaming on acid. I was like uhhh alright, kinda unsure. He draws it and we didn’t know what to do with it so it just sat in the drawer for a few months. Early 2012 we were releasing Primitive Blast and we were really stuck and couldn’t agree on what the cover should be, between another drawing and a photo of us standing in the Gonzales Pool. We held up the release with Tee Pee Records two weeks and every day they were yelling at us get us the fucking art and we could agree. Then I was hanging at the Kibbitz Room with my friend Buddy Nichols and he goes I dunno they’re both cool, but you need something simple, one image, the less the better, and as I was driving back home at 3 am the wolf popped into my head. In the morning we all looked and it just went oh fuck yea absolutely.

Has anyone ever mentioned the similarities between the Schutzstaffel (Nazi paramilitary organization known as the SS) lightening bolt’s in their insignia and yours?*

We’ve taken our wolf with the s acid tab all over the wolf, including like 12 shows in Germany and everybody digs. I’m Jewish. It’s just like Kiss and Slayer’s S. If someone imagines too far into something like that it’s their own problem and exposes more about them than us. We’re just a rock and roll band.

Have you ever dropped acid and tried to play live? Earlier on in the band we did it a bunch, someone traded us a bunch of hits for merch and they weren’t super strong so for awhile we’d take one before we played. It was super awesome when we were playing, makes ya feel less nervous and worried, freaking out and digging in is way more easy and fun. But everything around it like loading the van and dealing with venues and other bands kinda caused a lot of anxiety and we haven’t done that in years.

I noticed the graffiti on the wall behind you in the image on the back of your album says “You know who you are.” Do you know who you are? Well that was at our buddies warehouse in downtown Santa Monica, they somehow had the entire basement below goodwill where they lived and worked on bikes and had some skate ramps. Eventually they got edged out of there. Santa Monica is a such a weird place, me and Court went to Santa Monica High School. Jeff our drummers from Baltimore. We’ve been The Shrine for 5 years now.

Got any new music in the works? We’ve got a new full length album coming out in March called Bless Off. Before then we’ve got a 7″ with sabbath and black flag covers on it and also a 7″ on Australian label Tym Records that’s a split with us and our brothers Dirty Fences from Brooklyn.

Are you going to get eaten by sharks when you go swimming in Australia this December? I heard they’ve got wetsuits now with patterns that sharks won’t go near, pretty rad and insane they didn’t figure that out sooner. We’re plannin to jump some sharks while were out there.

*I was kidding.

Make sure you check these guys out at one of their Aus shows with Earthless before they die in the ocean. Dates below.


Perth @ The Rosemount – 28th

Fremantle @ Mojos – 29th

Geelong @ The Barwon Club – 30th

Melbourne @ The Corner Hotel – 31st (NEW YEARS EVER Festival)


Canberra @ The Basement – 1st

Brisbane @ Crowbar – 3rd

Sydney @ Hi Fi – 4th

Melbourne @ Hi Fi – 5th


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