Young Henry’s and… Foo Fighters?

Collabs have been flavour of the month now for, ooh, ten years?

Barely a day goes by when our inboxes aren’t awash with the deformed love child of a large brand attempting to reach its “core” by skidding on the coat-tails of a more niché brand or artist. Every now and then however, one reaches the in folder that makes even the most jaded of desk jockeys tilt their heads and take notice. Our mates from up the road, Young Henry’s, brewing a beer with the Foo Fighters, is just that.

I’ve got no idea what it tastes like as yet, but Young Henry’s aren’t in the biz of brewing shit beer, and if you’re equally curious—and happen to reside in Sydney or Melbourne—then you can find out for yourself. Tonight at Hotel Hollywood in Surry Hills (aka, the best pub in the city by a country mile) there’s a YH x Foos takeover. Tinnies, exclusive merch, a barbie; it’s a midsummer night’s dream, and it runs till Saturday night. Melbournites can get in on the action from the 27th to the 30th at the iconic Cherry Bar.

Check the YH website for where to buy the cans.

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