Music to Dance Nude To, By Claudia Smith

Claudia Smith is a photographer who’s slipped onto our radar recently.

She’s currently on assignment for the next issue, so we figured we’d scrutinize her taste in music to see if we’re going to run her photos/ever work with her again.

Turns out, not only can Claudia burn a scene onto a piece of film, but she can curate a diverse, fun and flighty playlist as well.

French influence and power fuelled bravado, talented photographer Claudia Smith leaves no stone unturned in piecing together the perfect playlist for your next birthday suit escapade. It’s important to have a soundtrack for your favourite activities, right?

Check out our Apple Music curator channel to get your fill of curated music from a smattering of the reprobates that we call “friends”, and for more of Claudia’s work, jump in here.

(Photos by Claudia Smith, obviously.)

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