The Best Collab of 2018 Has Already Happened

Collab is a dirty buzz word and we hate it.

So here’s our favourite collab of 2018, three weeks into the new year. In the most unlikely collab of recent years, adidas and the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) public transport system have teamed up for a limited edition shoe: the devastatingly sexy ‘EQT Support 93/Berlin shoes’.

Not only do the sneaks perform their usual function to have you hitting the pavement in (questionable) style, they double as a public transport ticket that gives you free rides across Berlin for an entire year. Given that the cheapest yearly public transport ticket will set you back round $1110 AUD, if you’re shelling out $275 for a pair, you’ll be saving a whole lotta dosh. You will, however, have to deal with the fact that you’re running ’round Germany wearing bus upholstery on your feet—but given it’s Berlin, you won’t get a second glance.

Arguably the best part of the story is the crowd that camped out for up to four days outside the store to snag one of the 500 pairs of limited-edition sneakers released. It’s no secret sneakerheads and iPhone devotees are a puzzling bunch of people, but wait until there’s cheap transport on offer. Dedicated subway riders after a bargain on transport held their own amongst the crowd, managing to snag a good percentage of the shoes from their sneaker mad counterparts.

Only in Berlin.

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