A Playlist That Cures Hangovers, By Doomsday

In celebration of us teaming up with Melbourne legends Doomsday for our No Sympathy tee and mug collab, we asked them for a playlist that’ll help cure even the most raucous of hangovers.

The creative fuckers called it, you guessed it, ‘No Sympathy’. But obviously they’ve got a bit right? Taking time out of their busy day to carefully curate a list of songs for their dehydrated, regretful friends is proof. Trawling through various music streaming services to find new songs you actually like is time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just chuck us a follow on Apple Music and we’ll do the hard yards for you.

Or rather, Doomsday and our other talented groove selectors will. Whether it’s classic pub rock hit “Boys will be Boys” ­ by The Choirboys, or low tempo rocker Chris Isaak busting out “Wicked Game” (who somehow managed to convince Helena Christensen to be part of his racy music vid), Doomsday have got you covered.

To see who else we’ve convinced to part with their aural treasures, head to Monster Children on the Apple Music Curators page. It’s free for three months, you’d be mad not to try it out.

Get your hands on our No Sympathy Collab with Doomsday Store right here.

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