Kevin Parker, DJ’ing at Laneway?

Photos by Maclay Heriot

You heard right folks, the frontman of Tame Impala with the luscious locks is returning to Laneway—albeit without the backing of the rest of the lads from the band—in a brand new festival within a festival.

But, the kicker is you’ll only catch Kev at Fremantle Laneway. Doesn’t matter though, because the lineup for Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth is stacked with some of the best up and coming electronic artists, hip-hop acts, and DJs in the country.

Big Kev, Laneway ’17

Block Party, as it’s been dubbed, is an homage of sorts to the very first Laneway parties that were spawned spontaneously out the back of Melbourne’s Caledonian Lane, over 14 years ago. And when the sun’s beating down at 1000 degrees and you’ve rubbed against that sweaty guy’s arm in the mosh one too many times, what better place to retreat than a miniature festival where you’ve got a little more space to move your feet? Hell, stay there all day if you please.

To those who’ve got a Laneway ticket burning a hole in their back pockets, smart thinking—you’ll be front and centre for Block Party’s inaugural year, and qualify to be an annoying pest who tells everyone that very fact for many years following. For those who don’t, have you seen the bloody lineup? Tickets are still on sale, don’t be a wet rag and go buy one.

Red Bull Music Presents I OH YOU Block party

MELBOURNE: Basenji, Haiku Hands, Jesswar, Lucy Cliche, Otologic, UV Boi, Willaris. K

SYDNEY: Andy Garvey, Basenji, B Wise, Haiku Hands, Jesswar, Wiki, Willaris. K

BRISBANE: Basenji, Dameeeela, Haiku Hands, Jesswar, UV Boi, Wiki, Willaris. K

FREMANTLE: Basenji, CC:DISCO! Feels, Jesswar, Kevin Parker (DJ set), Reef Prince, Wiki

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