If this Week were an Album, it Would be Album of the Year

  Some weeks are better than others.

In terms of new music, this week was better than every other one, ever. If this week were an album, I’d declare it album of the year, only two weeks into the new year. Anyway, you get it. These are the songs that made it so.

Marlon Williams – What’s Chasing You

New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams just dropped this single from his upcoming album, Make Way For Love, out Feb 16. It’s an age-old question, and one that could be answered in a myriad of ways (my dog, debt collectors, the cops, etc). For Marlon, it’s “the only thing I’ve ever really wanted to know of another human being”, explaining why he’s gone and written a whole song about it. Really glad he did.

Moon Duo – Jukebox Babe

Portland psych band Moon Duo had a busy 2017, releasing their two-part album, Occult Architecture, to rave reviews. Less than a year later, they have returned with a 12” featuring a cover of “Jukebox Babe” by Alan Vega. Anytime I hear of a current band covering a bona fide classic, I expect at least to be disappointed, if not enraged. Pressing play on this puppy was a welcome, albeit surprising, relief. Faith restored.

U.S. Girls – Pearly Gates (ft. James Baley)

I didn’t realise how much I missed mid-nineties Kylie Minogue until I heard this song. Sounds like American musician Meg Remy, who makes records under the moniker U.S Girls, is more than capable of filling the void. This track is from her upcoming new album, In a Poem Unlimited, out February 16.

Slow & Steady – It’s Alright

Jacob Lawter and his band have a new EP coming out next week, their first new music since the Nashville band’s 2015 debut album, In Time We Belong. What can I say about this song? I’m a sucker for depressing lyrics sung to uplifting pop. Kinda sounds like Badly Drawn Boy moved to America and started making music again.

Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain

Are you kidding me with this voice, Courtney Marie? It sounds like Dolly Parton, Jewel, Joni Mitchell and Jenny Lewis got put through a strainer, and this is the purified product that dripped through. Part country, part gospel, Courtney Marie Andrews drops some real-life advice here on “May Your Kindness Remain”, the title track to her upcoming new album, out March 23.

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