All The Highlights from FOMO Festival, Sydney

Photos by Lincoln Jubb

“I’ll forget you, but it was nice to meet you.”

As I stood in the mosh at FOMO Festival listening to the blossoming bromance happening behind me, I realised there was probably no better sentiment to summarise a music festival. Memories fade (if you had any to begin with), the dust gets washed away, and your shaky zoomed footage of your favourite act most probably gets deleted, but one thing remains—the knowledge that you had a damn good time.

Aside from toilet and drink lines, one of the most distressing aspects of a music festival is knowing that clashing set times and the mad dash from stage to stage means you’re going to have to sacrifice a musician you love, for one you’ve deemed more worthy.

But FOMO’s singular stage was a blessing, not unlike my first ever SZA live experience. Not even the couple who decided that it was the perfect time to discuss one another’s cheating tendencies at top volume for 35 minutes right next to me could stop me from enjoying the powerhouse that was SZA on a sunny afternoon in Western Sydney.

I don’t know if it was Post Malone’s pep talk nearing the end of his set, or the confetti cannons, but he got the crowd absolutely steaming under the collar—including a security guard that couldn’t help but bust out a few subdued moves to “Rockstar”.

With his signature blend of all things hip-hop/electronic/soul/RnB, king of groove Kaytranada brought the smooth kind of set I went to FOMO to see. The crowd was treated to an hour and 25 minutes of his best tunes from 99.9%, plus the insane remixes that took the Haitian-born bedroom beats producer from his home in Quebec to making music with the likes of Anderson Paak and Syd from the Internet. While ZHU and RL Grime were next on the menu to take things to a more hardcore electronic level, Kaytranada’s sunset set was hands down the most satisfying of the day. Check out all the action from Fomo Festival below, you won’t be disappointed.

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