Claudia Smith, For One Night Only

21-year-old Claudia Smith first picked up a camera around the age of 14.

Looking at the minimalist beauty of Claudia’s work, it was a decision that’s served her well. She continues to make the wonders of natural light her friend in upcoming exhibition Astrid, a visual dialogue between figure, light, land, and sea. Shot in the first and last hours of light in Claudia’s hometown of Byron Bay, Astrid features a solitary female figure immersed in her natural surrounds, and will be on show for one night only this Wednesday, the 24th of January at Goodspace, Chippendale. We caught up with Claudia ahead of the showing to find out more about her stunning series, below.

How did the concept for this series first come to you?

Everything was based around shooting the light of the first and the last hours of the day beside the ocean. From there, a lot of things were changed/developed into what the final images represent.

Did the time of day present any specific difficulties with the light?

The hardest thing was to wake up early enough to beat the sun on location. Thankful to Steph for doing so.

What does the woman in the exhibition represent to you?

A strong sense of independence.

Do you have a favourite shot in the series?

My favourite is a slightly further away portrait of Steph with the moon, because she is a badass mother woman. It was also magic to see sunrise and the full moon together… was a pretty special morning.

What does independence mean to you?

The freedom and ability to create my ideas without feeling pressure to conform or work within someone else’s agenda.

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