Bernadette Anker, by Tim Swallow

Have you ever watched the 1994 crime-thriller The River Wild?

You know, the one where Kevin Bacon terrorises a poor family on some water rapids in Idaho? There’s violence, murder, hostage situations, drownings, the whole kit and kaboodle. Go watch it right now, then return to the page when you’re done.

You back? If you’ve done what we kindly asked, then odds are you’re feeling a little stressed right now. Fair enough, it’s one hell of a tense movie. To help you regain a sense of peace and calm, we’d like to introduce you to the lovely New Zealander, Bernadette Anker, who as you can see is hanging out beside a waterfall, not alike that featured in The River Wild. Photographer Tim Swallow hung out with the lovely Bernie recently aside one of New Zealand’s finest natural features, and there wasn’t a single Kevin Bacon in sight.

Check out more on Instagram @tim_swallow_photo and @bernadetteanker (@imgmodels).

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