7 Surfers To Follow On Instagram

By Tim Hawken

There are hundreds, if not thousands of surfers on Instagram these days, throwing up their latest exploits and generally playing the ‘exposure’ game.

Some do the stock-standard thing and just drop surf shots. Others have a lot more personality and are genuinely interesting to follow. Assuming you’re already following top pros like Gabby, Double John and the GOAT, here are 7 others that will bring a little extra flare to your feed.

Creed McTaggart: @creedencecandyxx

Creed has 80s punk character and a full-throttle attitude. He’s always getting up to shenanigans on the road, playing gigs with his band and proper shredding at every given opportunity. Some of his latest clips–like riding a 6’3’’ Dahlberg–are epic to watch. To show he gives no fucks about what others think he should surf, he often rides a bodyboard too. Great entertainment.

(Image via Creed’s Instagram feed by @billabong)

Photo: Tony Heff

Kelia Moniz: @keliamoniz

Hawaiian princess. 2 x World Longboard Champion. Undisputed winner of the bottle cap challenge. Kelia Moniz has plenty of feathers in her fedora and a whole lot of style to back it up. Her mix of candid moments, family insights with pro brothers Seth and Josh, and insane nose-riding prowess, are all reasons to follow alone. Put together, it’s like a well-done magazine in a single feed.

(Image via Kelia’s Instagram feed by @tony_heff)

Photo: Stu Gibson

Louie Hynd: @louiehynd

Aka Chicken Joe, Louie has the style of Craig Ando, the flare of Dion Agius and a frizzy mop to put Rob Machado to shame. He’s just finished filming a crazy short film called Wild Joy, which features some of the best slab riding you’re likely to see. Combine that with his mix of retro and high-performance surfing, and you’ve got a great range of images that will keep most surf fiends scrolling for hours.

(Image via Louie’s Instagram feed by @stugibson)

Photo: Iyan Wau

Torren Martyn: @torrenmartyn

Core Lord extraordinaire, Torren Martyn chases swells around the world without even one sticker on his boards. Single fins at monster Nias or twin fins at firing J-Bay, every time he drops something online it’s pure poetry in motion. Torren is as salt of the earth as it gets too, so it’s really cool to see him living a life pretty much any surfer would be envious of.

(Image via Torren’s feed by @iyanwau_photography)

Albee Layer: @live.fast.die.old

Big waves, big airs, big wigs. Albee punches life in the face daily with his go hard or eat a dick attitude. There are clips of him surfing stupid Jaws, shots of him throwing varials in the Ments, and lifestyle shots like the epic one above. Albee has one of the best Insta handles out of any surfer online as well—a great summary of his take on social media.

(Image via Albee’s Instagram feed by some anon legend)

Matt Meola: @mattmeola

You can’t follow Albee Layer without also following his Maui partner in brine, Matt Meola. Matt won Surfer Mag’s maneuver of the year for 2019, for a craaaaaazzy backflip. He charges anything that moves. He eats raw Mahi Mahi while it’s still on the hook. A bloody delight to keep track of while going about your daily scroll.

(Image via Albee’s Instagram feed by yet another unknown legend)

Photo: Luke Surplice

Laura Enever: @lauraenever

Charging Shipsterns and throwing style with her girls – Laura is a must follow. She also has one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard about surfing: “If I had to explain ‘the feeling’ to someone who doesn’t surf, I would say it’s like sliding along wooden floorboards in super fluffy socks, but the floorboards are a moving lump of ocean, with power that gives you momentum and keeps you dancing together until the wave is finished.” A small insight into how gold her image captions are.

(Image via Laura’s Instagram feed by @glasshousephotography)

If a surfer you love following isn’t in this post, head to our own Instagram and tag their name into the first surf shot you can find.

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