7 Onstage Meltdowns

Post Malone has been in the news of late due to his erratic live performances.

Fans have been sharing videos of Malone seemingly losing it while under the influence of drugs and alcohol on stage, forcing the ‘White Iverson‘ and ‘Circles‘ singer to address fans at a concert in Memphis, Tennessee last week where he declared, ‘I’m not on drugs and I feel the best I’ve ever fucking felt in my life.’ Whether Posty is on the level is anyone’s guess, but if he is suffering, he’s not the first musician to have a mini-meltdown on stage. From Axel Rose getting shitty to Amy Winehouse struggling to even speak, here are seven of the most memorable onstage meltdowns.

Billie Joe Armstrong: I can take it or leave it when it comes to Green Day, but seeing frontman Billie Joe Armstrong lose his shit is hysterical. After having their set cut short at iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas so Usher could get more time, Armstrong went on an expletive-filled rant where he repeatedly called the situation ‘a joke,’ claimed he’s not ‘fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers,’ and made sure everyone was aware he’s been around since ‘fucking nineteen eighty fucking eight.’ He then destroyed his guitar before walking off stage. Not long after Armstrong was admitted to rehab…

Courtney Love: It’s no surprise Courtney Love appears on a list of musicians who’ve lost the plot onstage. Throughout her career with Hole, Love has spat the dummy on numerous occasions, but none quite as publicised as when she took shots at Foo Fighters Dave Grohl at SWU Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2011. Having already bared her chest to an encouraging audience, Love got upset when she noticed a fan holding a photo of her late husband Kurt Cobain. Storming off stage she only returned after she got her band to get the crowd to chant ‘Foo Fighters are gay.’ The then-47-year-old followed up by taking potshots at Grohl and claiming he undeservedly makes money off Nirvana—money that should be hers.

Axl Rose: Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has always had a temper, and one that was on full display during a show in St Louis, Missouri in 1991. Touring in support of their massive albums, Use Your Illusion I & II, Rose went crazy when he noticed someone in the crowd taking photos of him. Furious, Rose jumped into the mosh and physically attacked the fan before blaming security and leaving the stage. Fans weren’t happy. The thousands in attendance went into a full-scale riot, causing $200,000 worth of damage and resulting in Guns N’ Roses being banned from ever performing in the city again.

Kings Of Leon: I’ve a soft spot for Kings Of Leon (Youth And Young Manhood is a modern-day classic) but even I shook my head in shame when lead vocalist Caleb Followill took the piss at a show during their American tour in 2011. Heavily intoxicated and slurring his words, Followill told the crowd he was going backstage to vomit, grab another beer and play three more songs. He never returned and the gig was cut short, with the other members coming out to apologise for the mess. The remainder of the tour was quickly cancelled and the band went on hiatus for a few years.

Wavves: Nathan Williams, the man behind surf-rock act Wavves, has always come across as a bit of a dick, something he proved during a performance at Primavera Sound in 2009. Williams was allegedly fucked up on a cocktail of ecstasy, Xanax and Valium, and the locals decided to show their disappointment by pelting the band with empty bottles and even a shoe. Williams continued to mess around strumming his guitar before his drummer eventually gave up and walked off, ending the show prematurely.

Scott Weiland: A year before Stone Temple Pilots broke up in 2002 they played a show in California that clearly signalled the end was near. When an overenthusiastic punter took things too far and hurled a beer on stage, Scott Weiland grabbed a megaphone and started abusing the crowd: ‘I’ve been to jail motherfucker, how about you? Let’s have some sex in my dressing room!’ At the same time, guitarist Dean DeLeo jumped off stage and took on the alleged beer thrower. Eventually, order was restored with Weiland apologising for ‘ruining the Zen-like moment for everyone.’

Amy Winehouse: Saying Winehouse’s life was like a Greek tragedy is an understatement, and her final live performance gave heartbreaking insight into the demons she fought throughout her short career. Pissed out of her brain and possibly on something heavier, Winehouse could barely speak let alone sing, as her band tried in vain to keep things together. When the Belgrade crowd grew restless and began to heckle Winehouse, the promoters shut the show down. Just a few weeks later, Winehouse would be found dead at the age of 27. This video is a tragic reminder of the pressures of fame and what addiction can do to you.

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