7 Famous Women Who’ve Been Arrested For Protesting

Comedian Amy Schumer and actress Emily Ratajkowski were arrested last week during a protest over Supreme Court nominee and worthless piece of shit Brett Kavanaugh.

‏Hundreds arrived at the Hart Senate Building in Washington, D.C. to challenge Kavanaugh’s nomination after three women accused the weeping sore of various forms of sexual misconduct. 300 people were arrested at the protest and Schumer and Ratajkowski were among them.

This isn’t the first time notable women have been arrested while protesting. Famous female actors, artists, writers, and musicians are always getting thrown in the slammer for standing up for what they believe in, and that’s a good thing, because when celebrities rail against the Powers That Be, it impacts public opinion and facilitates change—and when famous females get nabbed, it encourages other girls to fight the power too.

This list barely scratches the surface, but take a look anyways.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has been stickin’ it to The Man since forever. She’s a bad-ass. In March 1970, Jane was arrested for protesting alongside Native Americans who were fighting to regain land in Fort Lawton, Seattle. Her involvement and very public arrest helped raise awareness for and push through a deal. Nine months later she was arrested again, returning home from an anti-Vietnam War rally in Canada. Cleveland airport authorities found vitamins in her bag and took her to prison on drug smuggling charges. Jane alleges the arresting officer confessed that he was taking orders from the Nixon White House… Anywho, the charges were dropped and Jane went off and collected an Academy Award for Klute. BOOM.

Nina Simone

Like Jane Fonda, Nina Simone was also very much against the Vietnam War, and to make it plain she had no interest in funding the American war machine, she stopped paying her taxes. ‘To heck with you, tax man,’ she said, and then, under her breath, ‘helloooo extra money.’ A warrant for her arrest was made, but she moved to Barbados and had an affair with the Prime Minister, Errol Barrow. Think what you want about the tax-evasion-as-protest thing, Nina was a central figure and guiding light for the Civil Rights and Women’s movements. Helluva lady.

Lucy Lawless

In February 2012, Lucy Lawless (Zena Warrior Princess to you) and five other Greenpeace activists were arrested in Port Taranaki, New Zealand, eh, after illegally boarding an oil drilling ship and refusing to leave for 77 hours, cuzzie. The ship was scheduled for Arctic oil exploration, but Zena said no way, eh. Lucy and her fellow protesters were charged with burglary and ordered to pay $547 each and complete 120 hours of community service. Shell, the oil company that was stalled by the protest, sought $545,000 in reparations from the activists, but the judge said, ‘Pfff. You must be on dots, bro.’ Lucy is still a Greenpeace member. And a babe. Not that has anything to do with anything. I’m just saying.

Chrissie Hynde

The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde was arrested by Parisian police in 2003 for her part in a PETA protest outside a KFC. Chrissie, a D.F.L. vegan and animal rights activist, was there to protest the inhumane killing of chickens (I guarantee you will never eat KFC again if you find out how they do it. Happy Googling). She and her fellow activists blocked traffic, smeared red paint over the store’s windows, and chanted ‘Fuck Your Nuggets’ (I made up the chant) until le fuzz dragged them away. Hynde’s daughter, Natalie (Dad: Ray Davies of The Kinks. Who knew? Not me), is also a passionate activist and was arrested in 2013 following a protest against the felling of trees to make way for a road in East Sussex.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah, who you might remember as ‘lady who is also fish’ from the movie Splash, is one the most energetic political activists with ovaries who ever lived. We don’t have room to list all her activism and brushes with the law, so here’s two: in October 2012, she was arrested for protesting the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas. She and a local landowner took it upon themselves to try and physically block heavy construction equipment. They were nicked by the pigs. A year later, she was arrested, along with Robert F. Kennedy Jnr., while protesting the Keystone XL pipeline again, this time out front of Obama’s White House. Check out Daryl. She’s on the right side of history and she’s not fucking around.

Cynthia Nixon

I’m all about Cynthia Nixon. Not just because she was the least annoying one from the most annoying TV show in history, Sex in the City, but because she might actually become Governor of New York. It’s insane that we live in an age where celebrities are elected to important government positions (although, the actor Ronald Reagan was POTUS from 1981-89, so there’s nothing new about it), but of all the narcissistic lunatics who want attention so bad they’ll even run for office, Cynthia Nixon is by far the best. She cares and she’s not an idiot. And she was arrested in May 2002 during a protest demanding better funding for public schools in NYC. ‘Nuff said.

Mahnaz Mohammadi

The Iranian filmmaker and women’s rights activist Mahnaz Mohammadi has been arrested four times and banned from making films. She and 32 other women’s rights activists were arrested in March 2007 while peacefully protesting in front of a Tehran court. She went to jail for three weeks. In August 2009, she was arrested again for laying a wreath on the grave of a 26-year-old woman who was assassinated during protest crackdowns conducted by the Iranian President. She spent a day in prison. In 2011, she was arrested on the false claim that she had collaborated with the BBC and committed espionage on behalf of the network (one month in prison), and her last arrest, on June 7, 2014, saw her sentenced to five years in prison for ‘endangering national security’ and ‘propaganda against the Iranian regime.’ Said Mahnaz, ‘I am a woman, I am a filmmaker, two sufficient grounds to be guilty in this country.’

I hope this list (compiled by a privileged white male, unfortunately) has lit a fire under you and encouraged you to stand up for what’s right, even if it means going to jail for a bit.

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