7 Emerging Sydney Bands to Get on Your Radar

Words by Riki Wells (the work experience kid!)

Sydney is full of youngsters who crank out fresh music every weekend, all over the city.

There are so many emerging bands, it makes finding the best ones a bit of a chore. But lucky for you, we’ve collected the best seven from Sydney (more or less) right here for your listening pleasure.

Daughter Bat and the Lip Stings @d.b.a.t.l.s

One-man-band Angus Lewis hops on stage and plays the fuck out of whatever venue he’s conquering that weekend. In the punkiest fashion, all releases on cassette are dubbed over old tapes, so the B side of your tape is a surprise. Daughter Bat and the Lip Stings are self-proclaimed ‘egg punk’, yet their Bandcamp is tagged ‘chain punk’, and superficially there’s no sense in that; but after a full listen through of their discography, it couldn’t make more sense.

Gully Days @gullydays

Eastern Suburbs boys, crawling all over the shop playing gigs. Gully Days claim they’re going to release their debut EP some time in 2021, and at the speed they’re going right now, I wouldn’t doubt that. They started gigging during Covid, which resulted in some unique gig situations (the crowd goes wild… from their socially distanced, seated positions). Gully Days are youngins—their youngest member (Holden) is only 17. Ethan (lead singer) grew up singing soft pop, and Lewis (drummer) is a jazz drummer, yet somehow they’re waist-deep in the surf/skate pop/punk sound they produce for our listening pleasure.

Rainbow Riders @rainbowridersband

Self-proclaimed surf opera (!) artists (when’s the last time you heard that?). Authentic surf-rock (none of that poser bullshit), Rainbow Riders live up to the psychedelic implications of their name. Lux Trevis—also a powerhouse solo artist—fronts the band alongside Shelly Fitzpatrick of Tupperware Party. Together they, alongside a couple of rhythm section buddies, set out to create an environment where listeners can ‘raise their vibrations.’ Chuck ‘em a listen and see if your vibration gets any higher.


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Myth of Her @myth_of_her

For all our musically-versed, young Sydney-siders, you may have already encountered Myth of Her (previously ‘Falcon of Fall). Their ‘rancid, reckless and disgustingly fierce’ presence on the live music scene leaves audiences with a burning desire to head-bang until their brains dribble out their ears. Shirts off, majestic long hair, sweating buckets, they look dirty, play dirty and you’ll have to catch them live if you ever want to fully understand. Grab a ticket for their next gig while you still can here.

Royel Otis @royelotis

A dream-pop duo comprised of Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell. Though they only have one ‘official’ release (that’s it above), head along to one of their gigs and you’ll get the impression there’s a lot more to come. Foster the People, Tame Impala and Jagwar Ma all come to mind in a pseudo-2011, synth-pop nostalgic blast that has the ability to make you feel like summer’s still in full force, despite the shit weather Sydney’s had for the last couple of weeks.

Kimono Drag Queens @kimonodragqueens

Seven.piece.psych.rock.hell.yeah. An authentic, free folk, prog-rock sound, and you could name any country under the sun and it’s guaranteed the band will be able to tell you its influence on their music… Do you need to know more?

Carey St @careystband

Young guns, quite literally, with all band members still in high school. Tearing through Sydney’s east with indie folk-rock tunes that are maybe influenced by their beachside scenery, the group gig frequently and release purposefully, with immaculate recordings gracing the ears of their listeners since 2018. Said releases have racked up over a million (yes, over one whole million) streams. Good luck with your HSC kids!!

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