7 Canned Cocktails to Get You Through Lockdown

Oh no. Four more weeks. Not gonna lie, I shed a tear when the news informed me I needed to prepare for another double fortnight inside my apartment.

But I also cried re-watching Mean Girls recently so that’s currently where I’m at. In the meantime, for better or worse, we have a duty to stimulate the economy, and what better way to do so than by trying one or twelve of the amazing pre-batched cocktails available from some of the bars around Sydney?

Continental Deli

It seems appropriate to begin with good old ‘Yes We Can’ Continental Deli because I just cracked a Cosmopoli-tin to lubricate my funny bone. There’s also a Can-hattan, a Mar-tinny and … a Negroni. No pun for you, Gretchen Weiners. They’re all made and canned in-house and I recommend throwing them into the freezer for 15 minutes before you drink ‘em. I only have tumblers, so that’s my vessel of choice, but you can be fancy if you want and add a garnish or use a fruity glass.

TLDR: They’re stupid delicious and I feel like Carrie Bradshaw with my cosmo as I type and look wistfully out the window of my studio apartment.

Available instore at Continental and online at pnvmerchants.com


Held close to my heart for their beautiful handmade sodas, PS40 is a bar I always promise myself I’ll visit and then never do because it’s in the CBD and I am allergic to going there. Now you (and I) can imbibe their bloody lovely and incredibly clever cocktails in the safety of our own homes. With an emphasis on minimal waste and seasonal ingredients, the 2.0 lockdown menu offers a range of bevs, including a breakfast negroni, a spicy marg and a basque cheesecake inspired old fashioned, ideal for drinking from dawn till dusk. If you order delivery, one of their bartenders will drop it off to you—and keeping everyone on the books is reason enough to splash some cash on these thoughtful drinks.

Available from ps40bar.com/shop


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Maybe Sammy

A fancy ass, award-winning bar offering the fanciest of lockdown specialties… Maybe Sammy will not only bring you a damn good cocktail, they’ll bring you fancy ice to pour it over. Wow. As someone who is very weird about the flavour of water, I will tell you here and now that the quality of the ice affects the quality of the cocktail. This is some high key glamorous at home drinking, and the cocktails are smart as hell—the jasmine negroni sounds so good that even I, an infamous negroni hater, would partake. Beautifully presented, next day delivered. Inject a bit of fancy into your Groundhog Day with a chamomile martini, best drunk in the bath.

Available from maybesammycocktails.com


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Earl’s is a place that everyone has a story about, like the time I thought I lost my jumper but I was wearing it. This lockdown-round they’re slinging some classics and some riffs. A watermelon gimlet and a spicy mandarin margarita (can confirm, big yum) hang out alongside a perfectly proportioned negroni, an old school old fashioned, and a manhattan that’ll make you feel like you’re in a dive bar in New York*. 200ml bottles hold enough for two generous pours, and have a decent shelf life if you’re the kind of person who has a bunker and you want to stock up for the impending apocalypse. Or, drink it now, turn down the lights and have a date night with your housemates, lover, cat.

*maybe, I’ve never been to New York.

Available instore at P&V and online at pnvmerchants.com and builttospill.wine


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Jacob’s, the Inner West Twin Peaks tiki bar we never knew we needed (and home to the kitsch-iest fitout and best pina colada I’ve ever had outside of being deliriously happy poolside in Fiji), has canned the coconut and pineapple dream that is their signature pina colada, plus the Damn Fine Coffee which is an espresso-martini-but-good, paying homage to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, and the Rock Lobster which is as boozy and bright pink as you could possibly want it to be. Put on some yacht rock, shake it hard, add ice, and pretend your living room is a swim-up bar in Hawaii. BYO dad-on-vacation shirt and lei.

Available instore at P&V and online at pnvmerchants.com, drnks.com and builttospill.wine


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Another bar I keep pretending I’ll visit and haven’t, Re is committed to zero-waste, using surplus ‘waste’ salvaged from local markets for the drinks, the lights are mushrooms, the interior terrazzo style finish is made from recycled plastic milk bottles, and they buy seconds from Maison Balzac and Mud for their glassware and crockery. Since we can’t visit, they’ve launched the Re – Up Bottle Shop so you can feel ecologically smug while boozing at home—and they’re using exciting ingredients in their cocktails like matcha and koji. They’ve even teamed up with Saint Peter to make a martini with trout roe, sake and cavendish banana. Iin a chill 100ml or healthy 500ml if you’re keen to party, these cocktails are so aesthetically pleasing I might line my bathroom with them when I’m done drinking them.

Available from shop.wearere.com.au



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Bar Suze

A bar I was incredibly excited to patronise before being told to stay home forever got in the way, this fresh venue was opened by a couple of Sydney hospo legends, one of whom taught me the true joy of a martini with a twist. They’re slinging a trio of cocktails while they operate as a (fancy) Fish ‘n’ Chip shop in Surry Hills: a dill margarita, rhubarb negroni and a smoked pineapple daiquiri are on offer, and if I know anything at all; it’s that these cocktails are going to pick you up and hold you until the pain goes away. An opportunity to get the best booze Bar Suze has to offer in the comfort of your pjs, this is a ‘not to be missed,’ run don’t walk kind of adventure.

Available at drnks.com


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