Easy’s Influencer Apple Music Playlist

Easy are a supergroup, of sorts.

You might know Josh Landau as the front man of The Shrine (vocals/lead guitar). You probably know Don ‘Nuge’ Nguyen (bass) from his legendary skateboarding career or his band Arctic. Maybe you’ve come across Wilder Zoby’s (drums) production on Run the Jewels 3 amongst various other musical projects. You’ve seen Ben Brown (synth) play with Ariel Pink or The Cuts and you might have listened to Jordan Jones’ (guitar 2) solo projects, or he served you at Amoeba. But one thing’s for certain, and it’s that you wouldn’t have heard about this talented group of barflies’ new rock and roll outfit ‘Easy’, until right now. The band was formed as a way to escape from their other heavier musical outlets and write some fun pop-rock ballads such as their debut single ‘Goodnight’.

We enlisted the band’s help in curating a playlist that’s equal parts tough and tender.

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