Lana Del Radiohead’s Getting Sued

It’s official, the ideas well has run dry.

I had a Glaswegian music teacher at school affectionately and un-inventively known as “Jesus” (long hair, beard, prophetic outlook) who took great pleasure in telling anyone who would listen that, “There’s nay point trying to be original; everything’s been done.” Yet again reinforcing this arguably cynical outlook, Lana Del Ray has mimicked Radiohead’s worst song, and she’s getting sued for her troubles.

It’s hard to deny that her new single “Get Free” (also the name of a Vines song from 2002) from her album Lust for Life (the name of an Iggy Pop track from 1977) is remarkably similar to Radiohead’s breakthrough 1993 hit, and the band are making a point of what they deem as out and out intellectual property theft by demanding 100% of the publishing rights. They’re heading to court, and one would imagine that if Radiohead emerge victorious then the resulting funds will be heading straight to charity. The band famously hold their breakthrough single in disdain, Thom even going as far as to describe anyone who likes it as, “anally retarded,” whatever that means. Regardless of whether you believe that suing for 100% rights is a harsh slap on the wrist, it has to be said that Lana’s latest release is a little lazy, if nothing else.

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