A Year Around the Globe, With Alana Spencer

Good work if you can get it.

Alana Spencer enjoyed a lot of plane food last year.

As did her fellow travellers that include partner Kyle Spencer, brother Evan Mock, Sage Erickson and Willie Kessel. Alana documented her dreamy adventures from Hawaii to Australia, Portugal, California, France and Spain, before returning home to the North Shore for some chill time. She chose some of her favourite moments from last year and gave us the backstory, below.

Take pleasure in Alana’s 2017 travel journal and head to her website or Instagram @coconutcomradery for more good times.

For me, 2017 started right here in my hometown, the North Shore of Oahu. Swimming in Waimea Bay is one of my most nostalgic pastimes.

I have three brothers and this is one of them, Evan. Some of my favourite water images of 2017 were from this evening session with him and Arto Saari.

Sage Erickson is the sister I never had, so instead, we’re best friends and sometimes we get to travel together. Here she is tossing shakas out the 8th-floor kitchen window of our Gold Coast flat. Her style is hard to describe, but this was a notable ensemble as I remember she tucked a thrifted tee with a photo of Darth Vader on it that said, “Who’s your daddy?”

Sage glides in, somewhere in Australia. About 15 minutes after we had gotten out from this session the water cleared out; someone had spotted a shark cruising through the lineup.

Sage, Australia.

Coconut palm field drive-by. Kauai trip, late Spring.

A friend’s backyard on film. North Shore, Oahu.

This moment takes the cake as far as summer happenings go. Watching Sage win the US Open in Huntington Beach, California. Her first CT win, on film. We jumped in the water fully clothed to chair her up, it was great.

I was based in California for three months through the summer. Sano sessions are surely what kept me sane. Sleds on film.

Paris in the Fall. The gardens there are next level. I am so content to sit in any of them and people watch all day.

Lovers and delinquents carve their marks on trees along the Seine River in Paris.

My brother on film in front of Notre Dame. A man working the courtyard put some bird seed on Evan’s head and he was literally covered in pigeons at one point. We laughed uncontrollably.

Portugal is one of my favourite places on the planet. This last trip we rode through Lisbon in one of the old trams. They’ve been in operation since 1873; such a beautiful way to see the city.

One of the things I make a point to seek out in all my travels are flea markets. I love hunting for a good vintage piece to bring home with me.

Sage, about to hit less than bikini temp waters. Cascais, Portugal.

Umbrella man, done for the day. Cascais, Portugal.

Evan in between shots. Beach day in Biarritz, shooting our Summer 2018 lookbook for Slowtide.

A glittery homecoming after four months away from my island. North Shore session with Crystal Homcy.

Mornings in the blue with the champ, Honolua Blomfield. North Shore, Oahu.

I don’t know much about what 2018 will bring, though I plan to spend a lot of it here. Honolua slides by. North Shore, Oahu.

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