New Year, New Music

On Christmas Day, our two-hour drive to my grandpa’s house became three when we missed the turnoff to his place thanks to a high decibel radio sing-along to Mariah Carey.

Goes without saying that I never want to hear another Christmas carol again. Thanks to MGMT, Anna Burch, The Babe Rainbow, Kendrick Lamar, Marching Church, and Common Holly’s latest releases, I won’t have to. And now, thanks to me, neither will you. Here’s the best songs you may have missed over the shit show that was the last few weeks. Dig in.

MGMT – When You Die

Right around the time you were trying to justify buying a vanilla-apple-toilet-spice candle from 7/11, peeling off the label, wrapping it in craft paper and gifting it to your grandma as a thoughtful and expensive present you picked up at a local design market, MGMT dropped this beauty. It’s the second single off their highly anticipated fourth album, Little Dark Age, due out in February. Should have just given this to Nanna instead.

Anna Burch – Tea-Soaked Letter

Who is she? Well, she’s Anna Burch, a singer-songwriter from Detroit that has somehow strummed under my radar until now. She’s been in bands Frontier Ruckus and Failed Flowers, as well as releasing her own solo music for a few years now. This little ditty is from her upcoming release, Quit the Curse, also out in February. 2018’s shaping up pretty nicely indeed.

The Babe Rainbow – Monky Disco

If ever I have the great fortune of stumbling upon a disco full of dancing monks, I imagine this track will be what leads them to dancefloor Nirvana. The Babe Rainbow are a three-piece from Byron, comprised of Angus Dowling, Kool Breeze, and Dr Elliot Love-Wisdom. Unconfirmed if those are their birth names, but who cares? By the sounds and looks of things, definitely not them.

Kendrick Lamar – LOVE. ft. Zacari

I know, this song isn’t new. BUT this video is, and if there’s a reason to keep talking about Kendrick Lamar and the best album of 2017 well into the New Year, God knows I’m going to find it.

Marching Church – Christmas on Earth

Rest assured, this is definitely not a Christmas carol. This is the first new music from Marching Church, the side project of Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, since 2016’s Telling It Like It Is. The accompanying music video was directed by Sky Ferreira, and yes, he does sing “It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, it’s Christmas on earth / Lost custody to the bitch / I deserve to see my kids.” Like I said, definitely not a Christmas carol.

Common Holly – Nothing

Montreal based Common Holly released her debut album, Playing House, back in October, consisting of nine tracks that clock in at a breezy 25 minutes in total. The whole thing is one hard and fast punch to the guts, just like “Nothing”, which contrary to its title, is really something.

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