Molly Steele’s Playlist for the Open Road

Who better to curate a playlist for those long, dusty travels, than someone who’s always on the road?

Molly Steele first came to our attention through the magnetic charm of her photos, often taken in isolation in the depths of nature, which you can see featured in our 2017 Photo Annual. Given her skills with the camera, we were sure that she’d have a few tunes to ride through the desert to, and she lived up to our lofty expectations. See the full playlist below, then head to Apple Music to see what other tasty gems we’ve cooked up.

In case you haven’t wised up to the deep labyrinth that is Apple Music yet, you really should. We’ve got our own corner of the universe on there in the form of our curator’s page, where we get our favourite artists, photographers, writers, bands, you name it, to handpick the best of the best while we take all the credit. The first three months are free too, so jump on it.

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