The Year That Was, With Photographer Maclay Heriot

On the Portugal. The Man, The Delta Riggs, Midnight Oil Danny Clinch and friends.

Our boy Maclay Heriot has been on a dream run this year.

And by dream run, I mean racking up tens of thousands of miles across the globe, no sleep, punishing his liver, sleeping on floors and spending thousands of dollars on film while photographing some of the most unique moments in the music world.

Starting off at home in Australia, he soon joined the Lords of Portland, Portugal. The Man to document their biggest year to date. Multiple world tours, Platinum records, drunken escapades, collaborations, media hype and everything in between. Maclay’s friendship with John, Zach, Kyle, Jason and Eric has meant that over the years, he’s captured an incredibly intimate perspective of the band. Now back at home in Sydney, there’s a long hot summer of beers and good times ahead for Mr. Heriot. Well done son, you deserve it.

Take a browse through Maclay’s 2017 adventures below, then head to his website or Instagram @maclayheriot for more.

Ringing in 2017 down the South Coast (NSW, Australia) on one of my best buddy’s farms.

Early in the year, before Midnight Oil announced their Great Circle tour, I had the rare opportunity to go and be a fly on the wall during one of their rehearsals in a top secret Sydney location. To be in that live and loud personal space, hearing songs that I’d grown up with, literally blew my mind.

Hooning around in a ’69 Chevy with Adam and Ruben from Peking Duk. One of these images ended up on the cover of their 3 x Platinum and Aria winning song of the year, ‘Stranger’.

Easter long weekend for me is Boogie, a small little festival in country Victoria that some close friends started 11 years ago. There is nothing like it—if you know you go. The festival is basically named after these guys, NY psych stoner blues rockers Endless Boogie.

I landed in Los Angeles on April 20th and went straight up to Portland to check in with the Lords of Portland, AKA Portugal. The Man. There was a big year ahead—promo through Europe, the US, an album about to come out, and a little single called “Feel It Still” just about to be released. I had no idea how crazy the train I had jumped on was about to get but it’s been going full speed ever since. This is Zach at home plucking the Hofner Bass used on “Feel It Still”.

Kyle O’Quin gets lost in a smoke bomb haze at Shakey Knees festival in Atlanta.
My job was to run out, pull the pi, and place the smoke bomb right underneath him. But Kyle was having technical problems with his keyboards and this just made the whole situation way worse. Epic photo though. We flew straight out to Europe the next day and bounced around for the next month.

As a sideshow for the Shakey Knees festival, Portugal. The Man played a small club show. This was a massive day for me as I got to meet someone I had looked up to professionally for a long time, Danny Clinch. He jammed some harmonica backstage and got up to do a few songs with the guys, slinging me his Leica before he got up. Just a massive legend in every way.

A crazy club show in Germany, the night was so hot, packed and there was no air circulation. I remember all Kyle’s keys stopped working because of the amount of sweat that he had poured into them.

Paris roomies with Kyle.

Back to the US and the guys are playing Jimmy Fallon.

During a short little break, I squeezed into The Delta Riggs van for a tour they were doing up the West Coast of the States. Nothing beats a van tour.

Jason is my road dog on tour. This was a special day at the Greek Theatre in Berkley just outside of San Fran. This is the Grateful Dead’s holy ground and they’re one of Jason’s favourite bands. I grabbed a red rose off a table backstage and we went and grabbed some snaps during sound check.

The rooftop of the Atlantic office in London, where the original sculptures from the cover of Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell rest.

Back in the States at Blue Bird in Denver. This was a small show right before a massive sold out Red Rock the following night. Ethan and Jason discuss setups while John signs albums out the front.

Catch ups with Whitney in Austin for ACL.

“Feel it Still” goes Platinum and KFC.

Recording a stripped back live session in NYC.

Monterey, Mexico. Zach on the Jack!

After a crazy year, I jumped off and went to Palm Springs for some chill.

Back home in Oz and ready for the endless summer.

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