An Ode to Procrastinators Everywhere

We’re on deadline for Monster Children #58 right now and damn, we’re a little late.

Between Elon Musk doing the coolest shit we’ve seen in years and curling at the Winter Olympics, we’ve barely had time to put pen to paper. But what we have had time for is looking at back at our last issue, the 2017 Photo Annual. As an ode to procrastinators everywhere, we’d like to show you some of the best shots from the pages of our last mag, courtesy of our section ‘Printed Matter’. Browse the best of the best below, and stay tuned for one hell of an issue hitting shelves soon.

Want to see more from the 2017 Photo Annual? Get yourself a copy here.

Panama, Rafael Gonzalez
Knuckles, Stef Mitchell
Surf whip, Grant Ellis
Craig and Rob, Todd Glaser
Alannah Walton by Darren McDonald
Andrew Brophy Back Tail, Ben Colen
Stanley Donwood, Campbell
Austyn Gillette, Andrew Peters
Amir and Rashad Wright, Detroit, Evan Hutchings
Kelia Moniz, by Cole Barash
Kelia, by Cole Barash
Haz, Josh Tabone
Charlotte, DC
Free zone, Nadz Banaag

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