This G-Shock Watch Claims to be Virtually Indestructible

Photos by Scottie Cameron

The G-Shock GA700UC watch is “virtually indestructible”… or so they told us.

But you should never take such statements at face value, so we decided to put our new watch through a rigorous testing with the help of photographer Scottie Cameron. If you don’t know Scottie’s work, then we feel a bit sad for you—whether it’s hotdogs, knives or loafers, he’s probably one of the best in the business, and we knew he’d be up for the challenge.

Scottie came round, and we set our G-Shock watch in concrete with the intention of having it swimming with the fishes in Sydney Harbour in no time. It was then we realised we’d messed up. The mafia’s tried and tested approach of some concrete shoes and a quick swim wasn’t going to work. Not only is this analogue/digital watch water resistant up to 650 feet, it’s programmed to 31 time zones, has a 1/1000th stopwatch, and tough as nails military styling.

We stand corrected.

Check out the G Shock GA700UC and available colours here and to see more of Scottie’s work head here.

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