The Volatile Beauty of Indonesia’s Volcanoes in ‘Amongst Fire’

The stunning six-minute short you should watch today.

Experimental short Amongst Fire touches on the unique relationship that the Indonesian people have with one of nature’s most volatile beasts, the volcano.

As of today, up to 70,000 Balinese people remain unable to return to their homes near the island’s highest mountain, Mount Agung, due to fears of a major eruption. It’s both this fear and acceptance of the dangers that make the Balinese people’s co-existence with them so fascinating. “The volcano creates the most fertile soil on earth, and with great destruction comes great reward,” the Balinese narrator says, an insight as to why 75% of Indonesian residents choose to live within 100 km of a Holocene volcano.

Filmmakers Justin Pelletier and Adam Maruniak headed to the villages at the base of the beast to gather the people’s perspective of the sleeping threat that looms above their everyday life. The dark colour palette lends a sinister feel to this cinematic six-minute short that we highly recommend hitting play on, above.

See more work from Justin Pelletier here and Adam Maruniak here.

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