Ty Segall's new, self-titled album comes out January 27

2017 Ain’t Over Yet – Here Are December’s Best Tracks

Everybody was a little premature with those end of the year lists.

Some of these songs were naught but a glimmer in their maker’s eye when the rest of us were rounding up this year’s releases like a sheepdog does…yeah, sheep. Anyway, get ready to edit those 2017 ‘Best Of’ compilations. December ain’t messing around.

Jonathan Wilson – “Over the Midnight”

Jonathan Wilson is back, and he’s brought a synthesizer with him. The Californian singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist just dropped this single from his upcoming third album, Rare Birds, out March 2, 2018. Wilson spent most of this year touring arenas around the world as a guitarist and vocalist for Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and will continue to do so next year. If only this year was as chill as this song sounds.

Jesse Marchant – “Frame for One”

If the song title isn’t enough of a hint, this one’s a bit of a heartbreaker. “Frame for One” is the first single from Canadian singer-songwriter Jesse Merchant’s upcoming album of a similarly sombre title, Illusion of Love, out January 26. If this year was a bit of an uphill battle, let Jesse’s voice carry you over this final frontier called December.

Lake Jons – “Call Me”

This song has about as many twists and turns as Rainbow Road. Lake Jons is a three-piece from Helsinki, Finland, and this is the first song I have ever heard of theirs. The ge “Call Me” genre hops from left to right then back again, but somehow comes out of the mess unscathed. I attribute that to their being from Finland.

Loma – “Relay Runner”

Loma is a new sub pop signing, all the way from a country house off a dirt road in Austin. The band is made up of Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwaterand Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski of Cross Record. When recording began, Emily and Dan were a married couple, and by the end, they had separated. You can’t hear it in the music though. Sounds like three musicians wildly in love.

Ty Segall – “Every 1’s A Winner”

At this point, if I see Ty Segall’s name attached to a song, it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’m going to like it. But when I see Neutral Milk Hotel’s official YouTube channel commenting “C O N S I S T E N T L Y A M A Z I N G”  on a Ty Segall song, it means I’m going to love it more than Pringles. The fact that a day later, NMH followed up with another comment that read, “Real talk here. I really like the drums in all his new singles. They sound punchy while still sounding natural,” is almost too much to handle.

Calexico – “Voices In The Field”

Since I discovered them 12 years ago, Arizona’s Calexico has been a go-to soundtrack whenever I have people over. Afternoon drinks, sit down dinner, or full-blown party out on the back deck—Calexico is the perfect playlist. Also, it gives off the impression to your guests that you are cultured and well travelled, and maybe even bilingual, when you really you just like el nachos.

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