One Man’s Authentic Take on Surf and Skate Culture

This whole surf/skate thing’s been documented to death, and for the most part, all angles have been covered in abundance.

Every now and then however, something slides across the desk that makes us tilt our heads and go “Huh, would you look at that.” Sebastian Zanella’s new book Wave Melancholia is one of those things.

Shot on location around the world (Indo, Hawaii, Tahiti, Oz, the States, Morocco, and Seb’s native Euro-Atlantic coast) the book is the reflection of one man’s take on the current climate of surf and skate culture. Given that Seb was one of the founders of Desillusion Magazine—endlessly chic French take on culture now sadly defunct—his perspective on the whole palava is worth taking note of.

“These last two years I have doubled my efforts to document a surf and skate culture that is in perdition,” Sebastian wrote in support of his book. “As if I was living the last few hours of a dream that held me as a teenager.”

Get your hands on Seb’s book here.

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